Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Auctions and Fast food

Last weekend was a busy one! On Saturday night there was an charity silent auction at Trek Pro City bike shop to raise funds for the fight against cancer. This was a super fun and cool event! Pro City came out with their usual class providing enough wine and cheese to a cow lactose intolerance and a headache. The number of people at the event was fantastic, it was standing room only. That may have been because there were no chairs.
One two items near and dear to me were a run with Jasper Blake and the other was a Pub Challenge night with myself. Jasper if you haven't met him read his blog to the right (on the roll), he is the nicest guy you will ever meet! So it was not much of a surprise that two people bid $100 each to go for a run with Jasper. What was a big surprise, was that two people paid $100 each to take me on at pool and darts for bragging rights.
Thanks to everyone that made that such a fun event which I am sure raised a fair bit of cash!

On Sunday, Christine Ridenour (one of the bright young stars of Triathlon that I coach) held the 2nd annual "Fast Food Run" in Duncan. This is a 5km race that Christine founded to raise money and collect food for the Cowichan Valley Basket Society. It was a great event! I used Christine's event as a great chance to get a fast 5km time on a measured course for the young athletes that I coach. The athletes of KKT didn't disappoint bringing food and money donations and some fast running times to the event. We also had a couple of our LiveFit athletes that came out and ran! Thanks Lesley and Cam!

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