Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well its been a bit since we last updated..but hopefully i can get my butt in gear and post more frequently. Training has been going well and the LiveFit group is looking strong. We are coming into a great time of year and the 'winter' we have had has been amazing for training. I just raced the Cedar 12k this past weekend. All round it was a good race. Just tried to stay relaxed and keep the turnover going. I am trying to race my way into shape a bit.

I am using the Frontrunners Island Race Series as strong tempo runs. I try to get a good warmup in and then a good long cooldown, essentially turning my race day into a long run with hard tempo. Today Kelly and I got out for a solid workout. We did 4k warm up, then 9k of hard hilly tempo and then 5k cool down. It was a struggle and the kms just didn't seem to go by fast enough. Kelly pull ahead around 5k into the tempo and looked really strong. Its always great to have someone to chase...and i'm sure he wasn't easing up and wanting me to catch him. Finding a training buddy for me is huge. I'm all about the social aspect :)

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