Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where’s the sun?

For some folks May brings us towards the end of spring showers and that much closer to reliable sunny weather. Those that is, that don’t live in Victoria, B.C. that is! We haven’t had a great start to spring yet, although, here’s hoping it is just around the corner!

Over the May long weekend, LiveFit elite and age group athletes took to the chilly waters of Shawnigan Lake in preparation for the triseries Shawnigan Lake Triathlon race coming up this weekend. The course starts off in beautiful Shawnigan lake which is located here on Vancouver Island and, interestingly enough, is fed by the run off of Mount Baker, in Washington State. Apparently Washington State has yet to see the sun this summer as the lake was still extremely chilly! The bike course is a loop circuit around the lake and the number of loops depend on whether athletes are racing the Sprint, Olympic or Half-Ironman distance.

LiveFit athletes participating this weekend are Leslie Hartford, Mike Hucal, Jim Cambridge, Jim Brore, Cam McDiarmid, Dale Mackie, Helena Price, Carlos Lesser, Scott Dagnall, Andrew Hall, Lowell Rocliffe, Karyn Anderson, Kirsten Dibblee, Joyce Metcalfe, and coach Kelly Guest.

Carlos Lesser, a LiveFit athlete from Cancun who is living and training in Victoria, will be taking on LiveFit head coach Kelly Guest in a little friendly competition in the Olympic Distance race. Rumour has it that the runner up treats the winner to a post race snack at the ColdStone Creamery… I am sure it’s just a rumour though!

Good luck to all LiveFit athletes!

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