Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quite a few races in a short span of time!!!

Three of the LiveFit elite athletes headed off on the a long and gruesome … well, maybe not gruesome but definitely long drive to get to Kimberly, B.C. to race the Wasa Lake Olympic distance triathlon. If any of you remember my former mountain man days... (living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with no electricity or running water for three months during the winters of 2003 and 2004), well, the cabin was put to good use again this summer as it housed the guys while they got race ready.

Unfortunately the guys struggled with some cramping and dehydration issues (we’re just not used to heat!) but all managed to have decent races. And... Carlos got a chance to escape the raven that seems to have taken a particular liking to attacking his head every time he walks down Royal Oak Drive to the pool.

And Last weekend, the same three went over to Iron Mountain and Lowell Rockliffe won the race overall, Carlos Lesser was 4th with the fastest swim and run splits and an additional 12km on the bike, Andrew Hall also added the 12kms to his ride and felt the effects in the run.

A little closer to home... My home, that is... other Livefit athletes raced really well at the Western Subaru Triathlon Series at Elk lake.

Sprint race:
Kelly Guest 1st overall
Lesley Hartford 3rd overall women, 1st 40-49 female
Cam McDiarmid 10th male 40-49
Dale Mackie 16th male 40-49

1/2 Ironman:
Jim Cambridge 3rd, 55-59 male, 5:36
Kirsten Dibblee 10th, 30-34 female, 5:56
Jim Broere 21st, 45-49 male, 5:38

As well, on June 6th, Jim Cambridge (6:02) and Don Costello (5:41) raced the Oliver 1/2 Ironman.

Nice work Gang, Keep it up!!!!!!

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