Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Upcoming Fast One

We are less than a week away from the Bazan Bay 5km. This is one of the fastest 5kms on the Island and draws all the quick athletes. Training for both Kelly and I have been a bit disappointing lately. Kelly has been sick and with my lack of self-motivation and heading to Vancouver for the World Snowshoe Championships and Gold Medal game (way to go CANADA!) my training has been slack. Regardless, I am racing the 5k and am attempting to hack my way through it. Most of our athletes are racing this weekend as well and should give everyone a great look at how things are going.

My advice to those racing this weekend is to stay controlled. There will be a lot of people going out 15-20s faster for their 1st km than they should be. Don't let yourself get drawn into that. Just start strong and comfortable and work your way through the people that went out too fast over kms 4 and 5. You will feel more encouraged to finish strong and pass people coming home than you would if you went out too hard. Good luck to all those racing. See you on the weekend!

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