Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Recent Happenings

Things have been ticking along well. Kelly and I were training quite consistantly together but as of late he has been battling some foot issues. I on the other hand have been feeling quite good (knock on wood) and starting to feel much stronger in workouts and races. I raced this past weekend at the Merville 15k and ran a strong 50:30 for 3rd place overall. I felt quite good throughout the whole run. Ran from 3km onwards by myself which made things did the down pour and 4C but I came out alive. My right hip was aching a bit. Ever since I did a beep test my right hip has been was probably because that was my take off leg for each of the repeats back and forth...a fun test though. I'd like to get a hold of the disk and try it again.

Coming up we have the Sooke River 10k on the 18th, Boston Marathon on the 19th, (good luck Jim!) and the Times Colonist 10k on the 25th. We have a lot people entered in the TC and hopefully weather permitting it should be a great race for everyone. All that ran Bazan Bay 5k, looked extremely strong and was a great indicator of whats to come this season.

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